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Since it has been understood that what is gauss and what is a gaussmeter as well as for what purpose the same has been used i.e. to measure the strength of electromagnetic field. But it is very important to know that How to Use a Gauss Meter for the purpose of measuring the strength in the units of electromagnetic field. In case if you have the meter but you don't know how to use it then this could not help you out for the purpose. That is why you should learn the techniques and usage of the gaussmeter. The other name of the gaussmeter is magnetometer and the same has also been known as the electronic device. You can learn the same with help of different kinds of websites available on the internet or reading this article in order to use the meter for measurement of magnetic field.


There are Hall Effect sensors in most of the gaussmeter that play a very important role in reading the electromagnetic strength. Any person who knows the procedure of making such meter can use the same very easily. You should take care of some steps while using the gaussmeter for measurement purpose and to know that How to Use a Gauss Meter. Before starting the process of measurement you should make sure the non availability of any magnet while zeroing the display meter of the gaussmeter. It is very important to reset the display to take the exact measurement of the electromagnetic field. There are some meter which can store the various reading that has been taken at various times that is why you should make sure to take the same in the right zero position.


Choosing of the right reset button can lead you to the zero meters to have the right calculation of the magnetic field with the help of a good magnetometer. If your meter is bouncing between some figures i.e. plus one and minus one then it should be considered that there is an inexpensive Hall Effect on your gaussmeter. To know How to Use a Gauss Meter you should hold the meter in your hand and take the same before the magnetic field by holding the probe button so that it can display some figures on its screen which would be the result of the same. You have to move the magnet gently by taking the meter near it and to probe out the exact measurement in units. You should hold the same for a while i.e. few seconds by holding the same in your hand so that the changing number on the display screen may be stabled which would be the calculation and measurement of the electromagnetic field.

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How to Use a Gauss Meter – 1

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This article was published on 2011/05/19